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Custom Cable Manufacturing and Wire Harness Assembly Services

KNEXTEC is a leading manufacturer of custom cable assemblies

With an extensive history as a custom cable manufacturer in the United States. We have built everything from complex wire harness sets to assemblies with just a single wire and connector on each end.

  • High-speed wire & terminal processing equipment meets the toughest on-time delivery requirements in the market.

  • All terminated cables we manufacture are 100% tested for superior quality.

The KNEXTEC Difference

KNEXTEC has been producing custom cable assemblies since 2010. Our engineering staff has the expertise to review a customers drawing or specification sheet and identify cost savings, potential manufacturing issues and ways to save time during the manufacturing process. All KNEXTEC cables manufactured are 100% electrically tested before leaving our facility which has awarded us the lowest PPM defect rate of any of our competitors.

KNEXTEC can provide special services such as wire bundling, shielding, tinning of leads and soldering of cable assemblies to various components creating a time saving sub-assembly. For example, cable assemblies attached to switches, fuse holder, relays or sensors, cable and assembly service.

Although we manufacture to the customer specifications, KNEXTEC can offer alternatives where appropriate.  

KNEXTEC Capabilities Include

  • Discrete Wire Cables & Harnesses

  • Flat Ribbon Cables

  • Crimp & Poke

  • Multi-Conductor Jacketed

  • Ground Straps

  • Pin Headers

  • Automated Wire Processing

  • Soldering

  • Tinning of wire leads

  • Terminal Block Assembly

  • Switch assembly

  • Strip & Retain Jumpers

  • Cable assembly service

  • Wire assembly service

  • Wire harness manufacturing services

  • Cable assembly documentation

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